The Vampire Diaries season 4

The Vampire Diaries season 4 poster The CW channel
IMDb rating7,8/10222 120 votes

Episodes: 23 of 23

Original Title: The Vampire Diaries

Country, Channel: USA, The CW

Release Date: October 11, 2012

Genres: , ,

Creators: Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec, L.J. Smith, Caroline Dries

Directors: Chris Grismer

Cast: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Steven R. McQueen, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Matt Davis, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Claire Holt, Torrey DeVitto, Nathaniel Buzolic, Charlie Bewley, Jasmine Guy, Arielle Kebbel, Susan Walters, Rick Worthy, Marguerite MacIntyre, Persia White, David Alpay, Grace Phipps, Todd Williams, Alyssa Diaz, Paul Telfer, Raymond Scott Parks, Jason Spisak, Blake Hood

Awards: 35 wins & 50 nominations.

MPAA Rating: TV-14

Language: English

Runtime: 43 min

The Vampire Diaries season 4 begins when Elena wakes up and realizes that turns into a vampire after the accident. Damon insists that she began to drink blood, but Stefan hoped that they will be able to save her without turning into a vampire. Salvatore brothers were trying to protect and keep Elena, but fate decided otherwise, not giving her a choice. Now the young Gilbert on herself should feel the pros and cons of the vampire’s life. Stefan and Damon try to help Elena to adapt to the new reality. Also Stefan discovers a connection between Elena and Damon. They were drawn to each other, but whether Damon will do the right steps with respect to his brother? In addition, the Salvatore brothers try to cope with the chaos of Alaric. In the meantime, a new villain appears in Mystic Falls …

The Vampire Diaries season 4 tv series download full episodes:

All Episodes 1-23
MP4 (400p, 4,8 GB):

Episode 1: Growing Pains
MP4 (400p, 199,4 MB):

Episode 2: Memorial
MP4 (400p, 218,7 MB):

Episode 3: The Rager
MP4 (400p, 220,7 MB):

Episode 4: The Five
MP4 (400p, 214,6 MB):

Episode 5: The Killer
MP4 (400p, 205,2 MB):

Episode 6: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes
MP4 (400p, 196,7 MB):

Episode 7: My Brother’s Keeper
MP4 (400p, 241,2 MB):

Episode 8: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street
MP4 (400p, 209,7 MB):

Episode 9: O Come, All Ye Faithful
MP4 (400p, 223,8 MB):

Episode 10: After School Special
MP4 (400p, 221,0 MB):

Episode 11: Catch Me If You Can
MP4 (400p, 182,6 MB):

Episode 12: A View to a Kill
MP4 (400p, 201,3 MB):

Episode 13: Into the Wild
MP4 (400p, 188,6 MB):

Episode 14: Down the Rabbit Hole
MP4 (400p, 194,4 MB):

Episode 15: Stand by Me
MP4 (400p, 213,3 MB):

Episode 16: Bring It On
MP4 (400p, 231,2 MB):

Episode 17: Because the Night
MP4 (400p, 234,3 MB):

Episode 18: American Gothic
MP4 (400p, 220,3 MB):

Episode 19: Pictures of You
MP4 (400p, 226,6 MB):

Episode 20: The Originals
MP4 (400p, 203,1 MB):

Episode 21: She’s Come Undone
MP4 (400p, 239,1 MB):

Episode 22: The Walking Dead
MP4 (400p, 187,4 MB):

Episode 23: Graduation
MP4 (400p, 216,6 MB):

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