The Sinner season 1

The Sinner poster season 1 USA Network

Episodes: 8 of 8

Original Title: The Sinner

Country, Channel: USA, USA Network

Release Date: August 2, 2017


Creators: Petra Hammesfahr, Derek Simonds

Directors: Antonio Campos

Cast: Jessica Biel, Christopher Abbott, Bill Pullman, Patti D'Arbanville, Teri Wyble, Abby Miller, Robert Funaro, Dohn Norwood, Eric Todd, Spenser Granese, Meredith Holzman, Devin McGee, Joseph Melendez, Jeremy Sykes, Jordana Rose

Language: English

TV series The Sinner from the USA Network channel is a screen version of the same-named book by German writer Petra Hammesfahr. Season 1 will consist of 8 episodes.
The Sinner is a television drama with Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman starring. The plot sends us to one of the beaches of a large city. The murder was committed here. The offender is a simple woman named Cora, who has never before fallen into criminal records. A young mother, who committed a bloody murder, is not able to explain the reasons for such strange behavior. Detective Harry Ambrose has to figure out why an entirely ordinary woman suddenly killed an accidental person.

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Episode 1 – 8:
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Episode 1:
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Episode 2: Part II
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Episode 3: Part III
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Episode 4: Part IV
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Episode 5: Part V
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Episode 6: Part VI
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Episode 7: Part VII
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Episode 8: Part VIII
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