Ordeal By Innocence season 1

Ordeal By Innocence season 1 poster BBC Two channel

Episodes: 3 of 3 + Pack

Original Title: Ordeal By Innocence

Country, Channel: UK, BBC Two

Release Date: April 1, 2018

Genres: ,

Creators: Agatha Christie (novel), Sarah Phelps

Directors: Sandra Goldbacher

Cast: Anthony Boyle, Anna Chancellor, Morven Christie, Crystal Clarke, Christian Cooke, Alice Eve, Matthew Goode, Bill Nighy, Ella Purnell, Eleanor Tomlinson, Luke Treadaway,

Language: English

Ordeal By Innocence season 1 is a new adaptation of the detective by Agatha Christie. This is the story about a confusing murder of Rachel Argyll. Once they with their spouse adopted five children. They have grown up, but they have not learned to live independently, constantly delivering a lot of problems to the couple.
The reason is banal: lack of independence and finances. An avid player and sloven Jack, more than the rest, worried about the money issue. Therefore, when his adopted mother was found dead, all suspicions fell on him. It was clear to all that Jack, who periodically gets into trouble because of debts, decided on a desperate act.
He went to jail, where he died, because the guy was unable to confirm his alibi. Dr. Arthur Calgary, confident of the innocence of Jack, is starting his own investigation a year and a half later. Of course, representatives of Argyll family are not eager to dig into the secrets of the past, especially because one of them is the killer, in the upcoming episodes of season 1 Ordeal By Innocence.

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