New Girl season 6

New Girl season 6 poster FOX channel
IMDb rating7,8/10138 696 votes

Episodes: 22 of 22

Original Title: New Girl

Country, Channel: USA, FOX

Release Date: September 20, 2016


Creators: Elizabeth Meriwether

Directors: Zooey Deschanel

Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Megan Fox

Awards: Nominated for 5 Golden Globes. Another 11 wins & 66 nominations.

MPAA Rating: TV-14

Language: English

Runtime: 22 min

New Girl season 6 continues to talk about Jess and her friends. They still don’t want to grow up and become more responsible. Nevertheless, Schmidt and Cece decided to go to the next level – they have become the married couple. But no one knows whether their lives will change? New season begins 3 months after the season 5 finale. At the beginning of the season 6, Cece and Schmidt faced with the first joint household problems – they are looking for a house. At this time, Jess tries to avoid Nick. She’s afraid to show her feelings to him. But this can’t last long, and they are facing. But Nick had fun with Reagan, and it is possible that she will come back into his life …

New Girl season 6 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: House Hunt
AVI (360p, 214,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 627,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 157,2 MB):

Episode 2: Hubbedy Bubby
AVI (360p, 256,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 594,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 181,2 MB):

Episode 3: Single and Sufficient
AVI (360p, 214,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 793,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 190,0 MB):

Episode 4: Homecoming
AVI (360p, 264,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 589,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 178,7 MB):

Episode 5: Jaipur Aviv
AVI (360p, 160,7 MB):
MKV (720p, 507,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 129,7 MB):

Episode 6: Ready
AVI (360p, 192,5 MB):
MKV (720p, 476,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 137,0 MB):

Episode 7: Last Thanksgiving
AVI (360p, 186,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 491,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 128,2 MB):

Episode 8: James Wonder
AVI (360p, 216,79 MB):
MKV (720p, 500,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 148,03 MB):

Episode 9: Es Good
AVI (360p, 165,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 490,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 125,6 MB):

Episode 10: Christmas Eve Eve
AVI (360p, 198,97 MB):
MKV (720p, 477,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 144,7 MB):

Episode 11: Raisin’s Back
AVI (360p, 189,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 487,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 136,1 MB):

Episode 12: The Cubicle
AVI (360p, 183,27 MB):
MKV (720p, 500,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 131,3 MB):

Episode 13: Cece’s Boys
MKV (720p, 461,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 121,0 MB):

Episode 14: The Hike
AVI (360p, 204,66 MB):
MKV (720p, 533,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 139,8 MB):

Episode 15: Glue
AVI (360p, 214,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 460,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 127,0 MB):

Episode 16: Operation: Bobcat
AVI (360p, 190,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 475,7 MB):
MP4 (400p, 116,8 MB):

Episode 17: Rumspringa
AVI (360p, 191,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 542,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 140,8 MB):

Episode 18: Young Adult
AVI (360p, 187,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 509,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 127,3 MB):

Episode 19: Socalyalcon VI
AVI (360p, 190,9 MB):
MKV (720p, 503,0 MB):
MP4 (400p, 132,6 MB):

Episode 20: Misery
AVI (360p, 190,9 MB):
MKV (720p, 473,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 120,5 MB):

Episode 21: San Diego
AVI (360p, 190,9 MB):
MKV (720p, 459,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 118,7 MB):

Episode 22: Five Stars for Beezus
AVI (360p, 191,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 669,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 133,8 MB):

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