Narcos season 1

Narcos season 1 poster Netflix channel
IMDb rating8,9/10111 505 votes

Episodes: 10 of 10

Original Title: Narcos

Country, Channel: USA, Netflix

Release Date: August 28, 2015

Genres: , ,

Creators: Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Dana Ledoux Miller, Andrew Black

Directors: José Padilha

Cast: Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal, Joanna Christie, Maurice Compte, André Mattos, Roberto Urbina, Diego Cataño, Jorge A. Jimenez, Paulina Gaitán, Stephanie Sigman, Richard T. Jones, Luis Guzmán, Juan Pablo Raba, Juan Riedinger, Paulina García, Ana de la Reguera, Danielle Kennedy, Jon Ecker, Bruno Bichir, Raúl Méndez, Patrick St. Esprit, Manolo Cardona, Thaddeus Phillips, Ariel Sierra, Carolina Gaitán, Laura Perico, Vera Mercado

Awards: Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 2 nominations.

MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Language: English

Runtime: 57 min

TV series “Narcos” is based on real events. In the 80’s, drug addiction is in its infancy in the United States. If the police had to catch the dealers, then a maximum of kilogram of drugs. But that all changed with the advent of the Pablo Escobar. He’s a ruthless and greedy drug lord, who with the help of weapons cleared his way to the top. His Cartel based near the second largest city of Colombia – Medellin. His men looked like an army, and his cocaine sales turnover provided him with 80% of the world market. Millions turned into billions of dollars, and now the US Drug Enforcement Administration is forced to admit that thousands of tons of drugs are available in the country. DEA sends the agent Steve Murphy to Colombia to get to the Medellin Cartel. A local agent Javier Peña helps him against Escobar…

Narcos season 1 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: Descenso
AVI (360p, 722,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 507,2 MB):

Episode 2: The Sword of Simón Bolivar
AVI (360p, 572,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 328,2 MB):

Episode 3: The Men of Always
AVI (360p, 579,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 368,4 MB):

Episode 4: The Palace in Flames
AVI (360p, 526,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 342,4 MB):

Episode 5: There Will Be a Future
AVI (360p, 628,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 402,7 MB):

Episode 6: Explosivos
AVI (360p, 698,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 445,6 MB):

Episode 7: You Will Cry Tears of Blood
AVI (360p, 627,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 412,3 MB):

Episode 8: La Gran Mentira
AVI (360p, 528,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 368,8 MB):

Episode 9: La Catedral
AVI (360p, 832,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 485,2 MB):

Episode 10: Despegue
AVI (360p, 433,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 311,9 MB):

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