In the Long Run season 1

In the Long Run season 1 poster Sky 1 channel

Episodes: 6 of 6

Original Title: In the Long Run

Country, Channel: UK, Sky 1

Release Date: March 29, 2018


Creators: Idris Elba

Directors: Declan Lowney, Cecile Emeke

Cast: Jimmy Akingbola, Madeline Appiah, Bill Bailey, Idris Elba, Kellie Shirley, Peter Coe, Sammy Kamara, Mattie Boys, Quincy, Bella Emberg, Arthur Nightingale

Language: English

Events of “In the Long Run” season 1 unfolds in the UK capital, 1985. The family of emigrants Easmon lives a quiet and peaceful life. While they do not suspect that soon it will come to an end.
They came from Sierra Leone 13 years ago, settled in London, found a job. Walter works a lot at a factory located near the house, and his wife is engaged in the distribution of cosmetics. They do not earn a lot, they have enough money to pay bills and to send home. Their son Kobna, born in England, along with his best friend Dean, are hanging out all day, playing football and doing everything they can to avoid meeting local bandits.
But a cheerful and purposeful Walter’s brother Valentine comes unexpectedly. Looking at the measured and well-adjusted life of his relatives, he also decides to stay in Britain in the long term.
He breaks, like a hurricane, into their family, turning everything upside down, quickly finds a job, falls in love and instills in a nephew a love of music. Agnes, hints her husband that her patience will soon burst, and all that is happening must be stopped. But Kobna is happy to see his merry uncle in the upcoming episodes of season 1 In the Long Run.

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