Falling Water season 2

Falling Water season 1 key art USA Network

Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

Original Title: Falling Water

Country, Channel: USA, USA Network

Release Date: January 6, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: Henry Bromell, Blake Masters

Cast: David Ajala, Will Yun Lee, Lizzie Brochere, Sepideh Moafi

Language: English

Runtime: 60 min

Falling Water season 2 is the continuation of the American sci-fi drama series. Heroes are waiting for a not very pleasant meeting with an extremely dangerous common enemy in the upcoming episodes.
The new season continues the mystical story, where reality is intertwined with the dream and the unconscious world. These narrative is about how several initially unfamiliar people find out that each of them sees a part of one common dream. Soon the main characters understand that the subconscious mind is trying to convey a message to them and warn about future trials, where their own lives and the wellbeing of the whole world are at stake. We have to find out what a terrible secret their night visions are hiding, and what they need to do to complete an important task in the new episodes of season 2 Falling Water.

Falling Water season 2 tv series download full episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:

Complete Season 2 (Episodes 1-10): Pack
AVI (360p, 3,0 GB):

Episode 1: The Shadowman
AVI (360p, 271,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 809,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 228,2 MB):

Episode 2: Watchers
AVI (360p, 367,4 MB):
MKV (720p, 749,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 221,2 MB):

Episode 3: Safehouse
AVI (360p, 253,4 MB):
MKV (720p, 745,2 MB):
MP4 (400p, 209,7 MB):

Episode 4: Dröm
AVI (360p, 362,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 868,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 240,7 MB):

Episode 5: Promotion
AVI (360p, 317,7 MB):
MKV (720p, 1,0 GB):
MP4 (400p, 286,7 MB):

Episode 6: Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons
AVI (360p, 267,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 730,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 207,8 MB):

Episode 7: Love Is a Dreamer
AVI (360p, 335,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 709,2 MB):
MP4 (400p, 203,8 MB):

Episode 8: Nothing Personal
AVI (360p, 267,4 MB):
MKV (720p, 828,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 225,7 MB):

Episode 9: Risk Assessment
AVI (360p, 363,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 678,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 205,7 MB):

Episode 10: The Art of the Deal
AVI (360p, 291,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 843,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 235,6 MB):

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