Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 poster FOX channel

Episodes: 22 of 22 + Pack

Original Title: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Country, Channel: USA, FOX

Release Date: September 26, 2017

Genres: ,

Creators: Daniel J. Goor, Michael Schur

Cast: Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelsea Peretti, Joel McKinnon Miller, Dirk Blocker

Awards: Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 7 wins & 60 nominations.

MPAA Rating: TV-14

Language: English

Runtime: 22 min

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 on the FOX channel is a continuation of the typical comedy about the police station of 9-9 district in Brooklyn.
The new season is a logical continuation of the previous 4 seasons. Jake goes to jail undeservedly at the final of the season 4, that’s why the team tries to find a way to rescue him devilishly. Any options are considered… Charles tries to deal with his problems while trying not to collapse from stress. Amy entered the working regime and tries to cope with the case. But she comes to the point when she may pounce on an unsuspecting passer in the library.
Thus, we will again watch the same restless Jake Peralta and the favorite staff of the police station Nine-Nine in the new episodes of season 5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 tv series download full episodes:

Complete season 5: Pack (Episodes 1 – 22)
AVI (360p, 4.8 GB):

Episode 1: The Big House Pt. 1
AVI (360p, 189,79 MB):
MKV (720p, 531,0 MB):
MP4 (400p, 153,6 MB):

Episode 2: The Big House Pt. 2
AVI (360p, 191,82 MB):
MKV (720p, 524,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 148,1 MB):

Episode 3: Kicks
AVI (360p, 189,7 MB):
MKV (720p, 534,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 149,9 MB):

Episode 4: HalloVeen
AVI (360p, 210,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 590,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 160,6 MB):

Episode 5: Bad Beat
AVI (360p, 225,7 MB):
MKV (720p, 534,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 176,3 MB):

Episode 6: The Venue
AVI (360p, 190,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 564,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 164,9 MB):

Episode 7: Two Turkeys
AVI (360p, 243,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 554,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 176,5 MB):

Episode 8: Return to Skyfire
AVI (360p, 190,5 MB):
MKV (720p, 535,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 176,5 MB):

Episode 9: 99
AVI (360p, 190,4 MB):
MKV (720p, 525,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 176,0 MB):

Episode 10: Game Night
AVI (360p, 159,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 532,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 83,0 MB):

Episode 11: The Favor
AVI (360p, 224,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 534,7 MB):
MP4 (400p, 176,3 MB):

Episode 12: Safe House
AVI (360p, 210,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 535,2 MB):
MP4 (400p, 176,2 MB):

Episode 13: The Negotiation
AVI (360p, 249,5 MB):
MKV (720p, 519,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 155,9 MB):

Episode 14: The Box
AVI (360p, 158,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 619,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 179,2 MB):

Episode 15: The Puzzle Master
AVI (360p, 221,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 533,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 177,2 MB):

Episode 16: NutriBoom
AVI (360p, 242,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 526,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 245,6 MB):

Episode 17: DFW
AVI (360p, 214,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 535,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 249,6 MB):

Episode 18: Gray Star Mutual
AVI (360p, 217,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 534,3 MB):
MP4 (400p, 248,5 MB):

Episode 19: Bachelor/ette Party
AVI (360p, 228,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 538,0 MB):
MP4 (400p, 250,7 MB):

Episode 20: Show Me Going
AVI (360p, 226,5 MB):
MKV (720p, 526,9 MB):
MP4 (400p, 245,4 MB):

Episode 21: White Whale
AVI (360p, 264,9 MB):
MKV (720p, 539,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 178,2 MB):

Episode 22: Jake & Amy
AVI (360p, 249,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 548,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 181,3 MB):

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