Blindspot season 2

Blindspot season 2 poster NBC channel
IMDb rating7,7/1031 784 votes

Episodes: 22 of 22

Original Title: Blindspot

Country, Channel: USA, NBC

Release Date: September 14, 2016

Genres: , ,

Creators: Martin Gero

Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Kelly P. Williams, Ashley Johnson, Ukweli Roach, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Jordana Spiro, Logan Schuyler, Luke Mitchell, Michelle Hurd, Archie Punjabi

Awards: 1 win & 4 nominations.

MPAA Rating: TV-14

Language: English

Runtime: 42 min

Blindspot season 2 continues to focus on the riddles and puzzles, hidden in Jane’s tattoos. In the finale of the season 1 Agent Weller arrested Jane after learning that she had long lied to the FBI about her true identity. Now, Kurt is necessary to clarify who is actually his partner unless Taylor Shaw. At the beginning of the new season, Jane returns to work in the FBI team. She should not only look into her past, but also find mutual understanding with a partner. Memories of the past are constantly pursuing Jane. Meanwhile, the FBI begins an investigation into the disclosure of the dirty agent.

Blindspot season 2 tv series download full episodes:

Episode 1: In Night So Ransomed Rogue
AVI (360p, 348,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 966,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 272,4 MB):

Episode 2: Heave Fiery Knot
AVI (360p, 347,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 915,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 253,8 MB):

Episode 3: Hero Fears Imminent Rot
AVI (360p, 437,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 945,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 265,6 MB):

Episode 4: If Beth
AVI (360p, 348,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 1 015,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 256,8 MB):

Episode 5: Condone Untidiest Thefts
AVI (360p, 437,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 1 019,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 276,3 MB):

Episode 6: Her Spy’s Harmed
AVI (360p, 352,19 MB):
MKV (720p, 894,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 230,7 MB):

Episode 7: Resolves Eleven Myths
AVI (360p, 387,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 967,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 261,1 MB):

Episode 8: We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters
AVI (360p, 348,05 MB):
MKV (720p, 1,1 GB):
MP4 (400p, 321,5 MB):

Episode 9: Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform
AVI (360p, 379,6 MB):
MKV (720p, 875,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 285,6 MB):

Episode 10: Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg In Iron
AVI (360p, 385,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 846,5 MB):
MP4 (400p, 254,7 MB):

Episode 11: Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord
AVI (360p, 348,12 MB):
MKV (720p, 848,2 MB):
MP4 (400p, 254,8 MB):

Episode 12: Devil Never Even Lived
AVI (360p, 348,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 831,8 MB):
MP4 (400p, 233,0 MB):

Episode 13: Named Not One Man
MKV (720p, 904,7 MB):
MP4 (400p, 282,8 MB):

Episode 14: Borrow Or Rob
AVI (360p, 378,8 MB):
MKV (720p, 838,2 MB):
MP4 (400p, 230,3 MB):

Episode 15: Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward
AVI (360p, 348,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 832,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 255,8 MB):

Episode 16: Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live
AVI (360p, 349,0 MB):
MKV (720p, 841,4 MB):
MP4 (400p, 233,1 MB):

Episode 17: Solos
AVI (360p, 348,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 795,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 238,1 MB):

Episode 18: Senile Lines
AVI (360p, 379,7 MB):
MKV (720p, 789,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 238,9 MB):

Episode 19: Regard A Mere Mad Rager
AVI (360p, 370,3 MB):
MKV (720p, 999,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 313,5 MB):

Episode 20: In Words, Drown I
AVI (360p, 370,1 MB):
MKV (720p, 1 003,7 MB):
MP4 (400p, 308,7 MB):

Episode 21: Mom
AVI (360p, 370,5 MB):
MKV (720p, 914,1 MB):
MP4 (400p, 287,8 MB):

Episode 22: Lepers Rebel
AVI (360p, 438,2 MB):
MKV (720p, 1 010,6 MB):
MP4 (400p, 320,7 MB):

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