Alias Grace season 1

Alias Grace season 1 poster Netflix channel

Episodes: 6 of 6

Original Title: Alias Grace

Country, Channel: Canada / CBC, Netflix

Release Date: September 25, 2017

Genres: , ,

Creators: Margaret Atwood, Sarah Polley

Directors: Mary Harron

Cast: Sarah Gadon, Edward Holcroft, Zachary Levi, Kerr Logan, Stephen Joffe, Rebecca Liddiard, Alice Snaden, Will Bowes, Kate Ross, Elizabeth Saunders, Michael Therriault, Samantha Weinstein

Language: English

Runtime: 60 min

The TV series Alias Grace on Netflix channel is a screen version of the eponymous novel by the famous writer Margaret Atwood, who is a winner of the Booker Prize. The events of TV show took place in reality. This was a terrible and mysterious crime, which is still not fully clarified. However, this history is only an excuse for a closer look and in-depth study of the social, class and gender realities for the author that existed in Canada in the mid-19th century.
The main character of the TV series Grace Marks was born in Ireland. But now she lives in Canada, where she works as a servant. It so happened that she and James McDermott were accused of killing their employer Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery. The groom McDermott was executed, and Grace received a life imprisonment. Alias Grace became known throughout Canada after she was fully acquitted after thirty years of being behind bars. But the main character will find the strength to return to normal life, while there are debates about guilt or innocence around her.

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