21 Thunder season 1

21 Thunder season 1 poster CBC channel

Episodes: 8 of 8

Original Title: 21 Thunder

Country, Channel: Canada, CBC

Release Date: July 31, 2017


Creators: Riley Adams, Kenneth Hirsch, Adrian Wills

Directors: Jerry Ciccoritti, Charles Officer, Jim Donovan

Cast: Stephanie Bennett, Emmanuel Kabongo, Andres Joseph, Kevin Claydon, Jonathan Kim, Clark Backo, Ryan Pierce, Eileen Li, Colm Feore, RJ Fetherstonhaugh, Baba Kourouma, Kimberly Laferriere, Conrad Pla, Cristina Rosato, Rj Copan, Gabrielle Graham, Jocelyn Hudon, Jacob Reardon, Lucas Chartier-Dessert, Bruce Ramsay, Anthony Shim, Ferelith Young

Language: English

Runtime: 60 min

TV show 21 Thunder season 1 is an eight-episode drama about soccer at the CBC channel. The TV show follows the soccer club, where young men can participate until the age of 21. The main character is an Olympic football hero named Christy Cook. She by coincidence is forced to help train the 21 Thunder team. The audience will fall into the merciless world of football and will see fierce competition. The series “21 Thunder” will show star players and coaches of the Montreal Thunder U21 team on the field and beyond. They love, chase after glory, commit crimes, unite with each other, to forget their past and to win in the future.

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Episode 1:
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Episode 2:
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Episode 3:
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Episode 4:
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Episode 5:
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Episode 6:
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Episode 7:
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Episode 8:
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